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Dear God
By Navjot Kanwal
Dear God, please send me a blessing in disguise.
So that my life would be appreciated fairly, and not trivialized...

I pray to thee, please bless me with a gift, and take away this curse.
Give me a reason to smile, which I have deprived from the moment of my birth...

I feel lost, and can't help but feel utterly alone.
Each and everyone has someone to call theirs, but I have none to call my own...

I want to smile with love, and feel the tenderness of its warm kiss.
I want to escape the depth of poverty, and find a love that is true and rich...

God, will you help me be at ease, is all of my life's struggles?
Will there be a way for me to get out, through all my troubles...?

If so, then please gift me with happiness, and heal my peeving scar.
So that I may believe my wish did come true, a wish I had made long ago, on that one bright star...