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Love Peace and Chicken Grease
By Shaelah Monique
The Beauty Of JF

No matter where you're at it's all the same, Bullsh*t will happen life's always treated like a game.

What you don't see is the reason behind it all, you can't understand the struggle when you're pushed down after a fall, now you see the reason we ball, why the innocent get shot and the cops get that call.

Understand the pain understand we feel it's the only way, to get paid, the only way to play, the game although we always get the blame, it only puts us in the spotlight gives us "hood fame".

Look into our soul and past the street, look into the goodness that's not as discreet as you may think, look at us with more than a quick eye blink, all though in your head it will never sink, the goodness that lays within in invisible ink.

I'm not gonna front like bullets don't bust, I'm not gonna front like man and women alike don't trip over lust.

I'm not gonna sugar coat the Jane and Finch strip, but I'm gonna show you the beauty of the soul behind the clip, the intelligence of the ghetto lip, the elegant sway of the ghetto hip, I'm gonna show you an important ghetto tip.

Know the custys, now the rustys know the best place at the gas station to get the bomb slushies, know the thugs who are secretly gushy, talking ish like they thugs but talking real mushy.

Know the drunk that lives by the beer store, know the gurl that all men treat as a whore, know them all say hi don't bother with nothing more.

Don't place yourself in bullsh** if you cant handle the beef, keep conversations short and brief.

Don't speak your business to the hustlers on the corner, yet don't be rude to the hood's foreigner

Treat others how you wanna be treated, if we had all followed these rules we would have all succeeded.

Don't bother with the haters cuz they always gonna hate, just laugh at the bullshit they try and create.

They give you more power cuz you know you got something worth hating for, a hater is always hating cuz inside they a whore.

A man hater hates cuz he wants wut you got, I'm not gonna front in Jane and Finch we got more of them than a lot.

Hold your head high cuz you a ghetto superstar, you're living the struggle and know exactly who you are.

Like a lot of people say we are all diamonds in the rough, we learn to live life "hard" cuz everyday gets more tough.

No place like Jane and Finch will ever keep you whole, and no matter how far you get in life you got JF in your blood heart and soul.