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And This Is My Home?!
By Jose (Jay) Duenas
Im from where the names meet / Finch Ave and Jane Street

communities weak / so they dont speak / to police
theres no / rest or peace / jus kids holdin heat
holdin on to whats left / of they heartbeats / on the street
walkin on thin rope / quickly fall into dope
can't find hope / jus fine weed to smoke / so u kno
we watchin too many movies / living too many lies
smokin too many blunts / living ready to die
suicide is nice / we shoudn't think of it as good
but as least he killed himself / and not caught by the hood
while ya'll live a nine to five / moms living double time
and thats fine / pops wit the kids / drunk and high
kids cry hopin gods there / and if he is
can he hear our prayers / from here / under so much fear
believe me / i grew up in all this poverty / been threw hell in a cell
but god came back for me / so please see / that i love my block
but this pain has to stop / united we stand / and watch the guns drop
for now its jus a dream for the poor / but they aint sure
tired of dreams / tired of hoping for more
tired of bringing back empties / to buy milk from the store
tired of walkin down the street / without bumpin into a whore
wakin in the morning / to see a bum sleepin / in front of the door
but he aint to blame / he has no name / jus askin for some simple change
and honestly / in our mind frame / we all want the same