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Date   Article
May 17, 2018   "Boat People's" Flag Flies at City Hall by Paul Nguyen
April 27, 2018   Why Youth Should Attend the Raising of the Freedom Flag by Paul Nguyen
December 13, 2017   Tankers by Errol Young
December 13, 2017   New Subway - Bad Planning by Errol Young
September 24, 2017   Race Card by Paul Nguyen
February 3, 2016   Gangsta Fairy Tale by Paul Nguyen
December 9, 2015   I'm a Child of Boat People by Paul Nguyen
September 1, 2013   The Benefits of Giving Back by VietSun Magazine
August 30, 2012   Figrove Back to School Drive and Scholarship Program by Sandrinette M. Maniania
February 16, 2012   Growing up in Jane-Finch by Ned Lecic
July 4, 2011   Jane-Finch Seniors: Stressed Out? by Farah Islam
May 17, 2010   Rally for Justice for Junior Manon by Jesse Zimmerman
April 1, 2010   Paul Nguyen talks more about his Human Rights award by VietSun Magazine
May 1, 2009   Voice: A Community Report by Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network
January 28, 2009   Canada's Toughest Neighborhood by Chris Richardson
December 1, 2008
Paul Nguyen & Jane-Finch.com by VietSun Magazine
June 15, 2007
Graduating with Soul by Rachel Collins
May 1, 2007
It's a Crime by Chris Richardson
November 23, 2006
Awesome Site! by Nikkita B.
September 19, 2006
Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour Concert by Tiffany A. Ford
July 26, 2006   United We Stand: Jane & Finch Report by Garry Green
October 18, 2005
The Real Toronto by Paul Nguyen
June 6, 2005
So You Want to be a Music Video Director? by Jennifer Walford
June 5, 2005
A Walk Down Memory Lane by Donald Blair
May 17, 2005
Save the Whales by Julie Nguyen
March 31, 2005
You Got Beef? The Controversial Music Video by Annie H. Nguyen
March 24, 2005
Multicultural Strength by Jesse Zimmerman
March 12, 2005
To Legalize or Not to Legalize by R. H.
March 10, 2005
Inside Jane-Finch.com by Paul Nguyen
February 15, 2005
Think Toronto by Julie Nguyen
February 6, 2005
A Brother from Jane and Finch by Jesse Zimmerman
January 8, 2005
Why Politics Matter by Jesse Zimmerman
August 1, 2005   Buried Treasure: Digging into York’s Aboriginal past by York U Magazine
December 10, 2004
My Life in Jane and Finch by Julie Nguyen
2002   Jane-Finch Mall restoration details by Kohn Architects

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